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First Post

So – this will hopefully be a place for those of us planning to participate in the Italy trip to communicate without having to email a group.  We will be staying at:

We have a confirmed reservation for September 15 through September 29, 2013.
The cost for the 2 weeks is suppose to be 2,020 Euro’s – about $2,650 US$. I paid a deposit of 600E – $788.37. He says that the balance is due upon arrival, but I do not know if that means in advance or what.
Deb and I are departing the 14th to arrive the 15th and are flying into Bologna.

The purpose of this is to invite those who are confirmed or interested. So far, if I am correct, confirmed are me and Deb, Jeff and Therese, Gordon and Patti, and Carol and Julie. Marc and Sue are maybe. Unless there is a strong opinion, I think that should be enough.
Here is a link to the place. He has changed some descriptions recently, like it now says 4 bedroom!

The way we are looking costs, is to divide the rooms and the weeks. So if everyone was going, my thought is the upstairs, which apparently has 2 rather small bedrooms, is one unit, and the 4 main bedrooms each a unit, since 2 people can be in the main rooms but only one in the upper. So, if we have 5 units, and 2 weeks, the $2,650 would be divided into 10 – so $265 per unit per week. Make sense? Or tell me other thoughts.
I know Deb and I are in for 2 weeks. Carol is in for 2 weeks. I believe Julie is 2 weeks. Jeff and Therese are one week (I think the first week). I will leave it to others to chime in or correct me.

As we go forward, we can use this to coordinate who may want to participate in planned excursions.

So – enough for now to get this started.  Hope to hear from you.

Ciao baby!